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    • Skip Line
    • Stipple
    • Fish Scale
    • Scroll With Initials
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Checkering Options

Laser Checkering

Standard Laser Checkering is laser cut with a diamond point pattern. It is really a diamond shaped column as a point. This configuration is far stronger than fragile diamond point of a true hand cut checkering pattern. However, the felt grip is not as strong as some of our other patterns


Laser CheckeringLaser Checkering

Skip Line

skip lineskip line


(Photos coming soon)

Fish Scale

Fish Scale Checkering is one of our most used patterns due to its incredible grip and unique pattern.

fish scalefish scale

Scroll With Initials ( Up to 3 Initials or an Animal)

Scroll Checkering is a very attractive pattern that can truly personalize you custom gunstock. You can choose to have up to 3 initials or choose from our list of Big Game Animal Heads.

scroll checkeringscroll checkeringscroll checkering

scroll checkeringscroll checkering


We are only limited to the quality of the black and white line art provided.

custom checkeringcustom checkering

custom checkering


Hand Checkering

Whether it is standard 4 panel diamond checkering or full wrap around checkering, Accurate Innovations boasts some of the finest hand checkering in the industry. Our hand checkering is priced very competitively. Custom work is handled on a per job basis and is dependent of lines per inch as well as complexity of the project.

Standard 4 Panel

hand checkering

Wrap Around 3 Panel

Wrap Around Checkering has a full wrap around panel on the forearm and a separate panel for each side of the grip.

wrap around checkeringwrap around checkering


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