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Wood Choices

  • Walnut
    • Claro
    • English
    • Turkish
  • Maple
  • Myrtle
  • Laminate
    • Ghost
    • Nutmeg
    • Pepper
    • Forest
  • Bamboo
    • Carmel
    • Natural
The First Stage of Building a Custom Gunstock is Wood Selection

Claro Walnut

Claro Walnut (California Claro) has rich brown, red, and orange colors. Claro is one of the fastest and most widely used woods we use. The quick grow time and unique color and figure make Claro a great choice for beautiful custom gunstocks.



English Walnut

English Walnut a slower growth species, displays a tighter grain. This tighter grained density is better suited for higher caliber rifles with heavier recoil. We recommend that any rifle over .300 caliber be built with English rather than Claro Walnut. Although slightly more expensive, English Walnut has a beautifully dark and distinct linear grain pattern, and is perfect for a classic Safari Grade rifle stock.



We use the oldest, slow-growth Turkish available . With age comes strength! We recommend Tturkish for rifle calibers of .375 or higher. If you are building a rifle that is going to be a heavy hitter, then turkish is the perfect choice for your new project. Turkish tends to be a lighter incolor walnut than the claro or English, but with thin dark mineral streaking.



Maple Gunstock Blanks



Myrtle Gunstock Blank

Accurate Innovations Myrtle stock blank


Laminate Stock Blanks

Ghost Laminate

Accurate Innovations Ghost Laminate


Nutmeg Laminate

Accurate Innoavations Nutmeg Laminate


Pepper Laminate

Pepper Laminate


Forest Laminate

Accurate Innoavations Forest Laminate

Bamboo Stock Blanks

Natures’ Carbon Fiber! Bamboo is a natural renewable resource that we are excited to offer as a hardwood alternative for custom riflestocks. Exhibiting high strength to weight ratio and excellent blends of hardness and durability, bamboo is an ideal choice for those desiring better wear characteristics than walnut, but less weight than hardwood laminate stocks. Available in field grade and match grade.

Field Grade - Carmel Bamboo

Bamboo sample


Field Grade - Natural Bamboo

Bamboo High Comb Cheek





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