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Ruger M77 stock
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Ruger M77 Stocks
Custom Made

Take your Ruger M77 to the next level in accuracy AND style. Our Ruger M77 stocks feature a revolutionary aluminum chassis that transfers recoil energy to the forearm, reducing felt recoil. The Accurate Chassis gives your Ruger M77 stock a fully free floated barrel. Integrated pillars allow for higher torque of action bolts. All metal recoil lugs to stock interface. You get increased rigidity and a 100% inletted drop in fit. These features improve accuracy and consistency despite changes in humidity or temperature. You'll be impressed with the fine craftsmanship and beautiful finish. Your stock will be ready to bolt in, no glass bedding needed, and go to the field or range with consistently accurate shots. You can disassemble and reassemble and immediately return to zero. Skeptical? Read what our customers say.

Ruger stock chassis
The Accurate Chassis bedding block - patent pending

Personalize Your Ruger M77 Stock

Select from beautiful exotic woods like myrtle, walnut, lightweight bamboo, or colorful laminated wood. Personalize it with laser engraving of designs, your initials, wildlife scenes or even a photo. Select checkering on the handgrips for that added touch. Transform your Ruger M77 into a showpiece, collector's item or family heirloom. Your investment in an AI stock will add significant value to your rifle.

What makes Ruger rifle stocks from Accurate Innovations unique?

The Accurate Innovations rifle stocks are the only product of its kind that integrates a beautiful wooden stock with a full length aluminum bedding block and aluminum pillars (patent pending). The chassis is CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum. This gives the completed rifle the finest foundation available. You can disassemble and reassemble and return to exact zero. Combine this with a full free floating barrel and you get superior stability and repeatability shot after shot, year after year.

By combining the ultra-stable force-distributing bedding block system with Pachmayr Decelerator or Sims Limbsaver technologies, the stock delivers a mild ‘felt’ recoil compared to factory and most aftermarket stocks.

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Our customers speak

...Fit & finish is perfect...
- Tim Troxel

...The fit is as if you had the action there to custom make the barrel channel. A very fine wood to metal fit around the action. I am VERY impressed.
- Gary Melton
- Casper, WY

Not only was it well made and attractive but, it was drop dead gorgeous...
- John M. Odusch

We have found them to be the best of the best. Our test rifles are in and out of the stocks frequently and the accuracy of the bedding system makes our life much easier. We can disassemble and reassemble back into the stock with exact return to zero. The bedding system gives exact return to zero, not “near zero,” it’s exact.
- Mike Degerness, President
- Advanced Barrel Systems, Inc.

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